Dear Clarence Thomas: This is What Reproductive Justice Looks Like

Originally published May 28, 2019 on Twitter @Ajahswrite

Note: I was recently informed of the fact that you can use Twitter threads as writing clips. This is a thread I wrote in response to Clarence Thomas’ convoluted eugenics rant. The only changes made to these tweets are minor edits for regular human reading.

Ok y’all. Clarence Thomas got me back on Tweet street today. Yes, abortion and forced sterilization policies are rooted in eugenics, AND anti-abortion bills are rooted in white supremacy. It’s a tangled web. Hence the need for REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE here and abroad.


  • No forcing white women to have more babies by reducing access to BC/ abortion.
  • No forced sterilization/abortion/ compulsory use of long term birth control for women of color.
  • No selective immigration policies/ continued theft of Latinx babies.


  • No “family planning centers” in white suburbs that lie to teens about their reproductive rights and freedoms.
  • No global gag rule.
  • No US communities (like mine) where WoC/ indigenous womxn have 3rd world infant mortality rates.


  • No “we care about fetuses until they’re born, then fuck em & their futures.”
  • No BC/ emergency BC with weight limits b/c fat people have sex too.
  • Basically no policing of wombs in general, plus access to resources needed to be a great parent.


  • Making IVF and egg freezing affordable for ANY woman who wants/needs it.
  • Legit birth control options for men.
  • Adoption, surrogacy and foster care services based on need and capacity instead of income.

I have this crazy theory that women know their own bodies and should be able to decide for themselves if they want to have kids now, later or never; and that allowing women to have full control of their own bodies leads to sexual freedom and more joyful parenting. #thatisall

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

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