Dear Peter Welch: You Just Outed Yourself

POWER isn’t against you. It doesn’t even know you exist.

Originally published January 23, 2019 on Twitter @Ajahswrite

Note: I was recently informed of the fact that you can use Twitter threads as writing clips. This is a thread I wrote in response to Rep. Peter Welch’s claim that ‘never in the history of this country has it been legal to make people work for free.’ The only changes made to these tweets are minor edits for regular human reading.

Everyone who has ever worked for free in this country was/is considered subhuman. Native and indigenous folks. Black people. Indentured Irish, Italians and others who eventually became white. Sex workers. The incarcerated. The interred. Undocumented immigrants. Everyone.

@PeterWelch wasn’t rewriting history, he was exposing it. Unintentionally or consciously, he showed how POWER (Cishet, White, Male, Able and Rich) views everyone else: partially to mostly human. Women were/are legally chattel. Black people were/are three-fifths of a person.

Others were/are conferred (at best) conditional citizenship. And POWER could not care less. The fact that it took @PeterWelch 2 hrs. to ‘remember’ slavery, and the many other times people have worked and still do work for free in this country never even bore his consideration shows this conditional citizenship is still in full effect. POWER is the standard for full personhood in America. Everyone else is a footnote.

@PeterWelch stood in his truth today. He stood in POWER’s truth.

Trust and believe that when you hear POWER talking about the impact of the shutdown, that concern extends to other cishet-white-able bodied-males first and foremost, as those are the bodies deemed fully human in this country. That’s white supremacy.

The only difference between the apathy and ignorance of lawmakers like @PeterWelch and the actions of the KKK is this: one group kills because they spend a lot of time thinking of the ‘other.’ One group kills because they spend no time thinking of the ‘other.’

People are dying. Do better.

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