Ajah Hales

Facts! Native peoples are being entirely erased as if they don’t even exist. There is an excellent article about an indigenous woman who had to come up to the school because her daughter’s classmates told her “Indians are extinct!” I will have to find the link to that one and send it to you.

Another gamechanger for me is Tommy Orange’s new novel There, There. I got to see him speak at the Anisfield-Wolf awards last year and he spoke about how 7 of 10 native people live in cities and how white people are deeply invested in erasing native stories and experiences to resolve their cognitive dissonance around living and working and raising their children on a burial ground. He really blew me away.

Thanks again for reading and offering me encouragement and feedback. Are you still in HR? I might be doing some more business writing in March and would love to interview you if you’re down!

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