Ajah Hales


The feeling of alienation from middle class and poor white voters is something I hope to be able to write about soon. From my perspective, the fact that these well meaning white people feel unfairly demonized and are mad at Black people about it instead of their fellow whites--More than half of which voted for the current president is extremely problematic.

White people seem to be more concerned with whether or not they are being blamed for racism than whether or not Black people are still experiencing racism.You are telling me to put other people’s feelings in front of my lived experience, but white voters can’t do the same? Shouldn’t they be concerned about the fact that their family and friends voted for this man?

I find that white people understand complicity when the finger is being pointed anywhere else other than at them. White people are complicit in the system of white supremacy. All of them. The well-meaning ones too!

All Americans are complicit in the system of white supremacy, but only whites have the capacity to change that system, because they are in control of it. That doesn’t mean that BIPOC don’t have to examine their own complicity in maintaining the system, we do.

What it does mean is that until you own your complicity in this system, You cannot be my ally. My goal is to do what I can to actively dismantle the system of white supremacy. Your goal seems to be to make sure I understand that white people have hurt feelings over it. I get that, but are these hurt feelings more important than Black lives?

Furthermore, do you think that Black people don’t have hurt feelings too? Don’t you think it’s unfairly demonizing for you, a white person, to be lecturing me about how my article may be further alienating well meaning white people when the article itself is about how well meaning white people do daily damage to Black people?

Shouldn’t you be talking to some white people who use these phrases, like yourself instead of talking to me to defend your intentions and the intentions of your fellow whites? This is white racial solidarity in action. What you have done in this comment section is called a pivot. Pivots turn you away from the issue at hand and divert the conversation towards some other issue (Like hurt feelings). The other issue is what becomes recentered in the conversation. White people do this often, I don’t think it’s intentional, but again we’re talking about impact of actions not good intentions.

Whenever a conversation about race comes up, white people quickly use a variety of tactics to recenter the conversation around their lived experience instead of the lived experience of the people they actively participate in oppressing.this allows white people to continue to evade responsibility for the impact of their actions.

These behavior patterns have been studied and fully documented by public intellectual and academic Robin DiAngelo in her 2018 novel White Fragility. I highly recommend that every person who identifies as white reads this book, then we can start to have a deeper conversation about race. If you can’t afford this book, she wrote an article as a precursor which is available for free online. I am happy to email it to you, just leave your email address below and I will send it within 48 hours.

Well I agree that our system also exploits the poor at the expense of the wealthy, it’s an oversimplification of how the system got that way. We would not have a system that was able to exploit the poor at the expense of the wealthy if we didn’t at one point have a system that exploited free Black labor.

Conditions for white tenant farmers in the 1600s were unfavorable and exploitative, and poor whites did band together with enslaved people and indigenous people to bring about a class-based revolution. That revolution failed because of the invention of race. The wealthy invented race to be able to continue to exploit poor white people. Whiteness in and of itself was a bribe, and your people took it. Your people are still taking it now. If that causes you emotional discomfort, that’s probably just a sign that you’re a human being with a conscience.

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC