Ajah Hales


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I think it comes from the colonial history of whiteness and orientalism. If you have internalized for a few centuries that every one that is ‘other’ is perceived as either property or existing solely for your consumption, that mindset isn’t going to go away overnight.

At its core, colonization is about the subjugation of persons through control of their bodies, land and resources. Touching your hair is a form of body control in the same way that any unwanted touch is. It’s easy for most of us to see this when we put it into terms of men and women. If your male co-workers regularly touched you in a way that made you feel uncomfortable, it wouldn’t matter if it was your shoulder or your lower back that they were touching, it’s easy to see how inappropriate that is. But for some reason, as soon as it becomes persons of the same gender identity, it’s supposed to be ok. I’m not here for it!

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC