Ajah Hales


Thanks for reading. It’s always good to know only my work is impacting people in other countries.

I am a Black American and my writing is rooted in that context and that experience. Different places have different contexts so I hesitate to speak on your context, as I’ve never been to Sweden.

One thing I do know about Sweden is that people routinely take off their shoes when entering the house. This is not unique to Sweden of course, lots of cultures encourage this, but it is not typical in America.

If I were to come to your country and enter your house and you asked me to remove my shoes, I would do so. Because it’s your culture, it’s your house, and I want to respect you and your customs. I think the same concept applies in terms of whether or not to worry about watching your words. If you’re not interested in respecting other people and their cultures, do what you want. If you are though, then you might talk to some Swedes of African descent and find out what they think about the article and if they feel that any of it applies to your context.

As far as your dad goes, yes you should ‘scold’ him. There are lots of old people here with dementia that say whatever they want, but their children and caregivers don’t validate these statements by saying nothing when it happens. Acknowledging that what your father says is offensive is not necessarily for his benefit as much as it is for the person that has to hear (and be offended by) his words.

If you don’t say anything, it will seem like you don’t care at best, and at worse like you agree with whatever he says.

Thanks again for reading.

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC