Thanks for reading and for sharing your own experiences with me. I often think about the strength of black women and non-black women of color as well. It does take a lot of resilience to be a woman in a world built for men. It takes a lot of resilience to be Black in a world built for white people, so that resilience I definitely want to honor and continue to honor, But I have started to ask myself why do we require the oppress ed to be stronger than their oppressors? Privilege engenders fragility. We tell women how not to get raped, but we don’t teach men how not to be rapist. In the same way, by continuing to be so strong, we are actually doing internal violence by taking the pain of oppression onto ourselves and protecting the feelings of our oppressors. I am interested in seeing oppressor classes get a lot “stronger.”

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner.

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