Thank you I love to reading this and I feel like I learned a lot. I am wondering where the cast originally based on skin tone or particular family backgrounds? Are certain features priced over others? I know recently I have seen a lot of controversy in the news about Bollywood actresses using skin bleaching products. Is lighter skin still favored/preferred in India?

I’m struck by the idea that other countries perceive America to be a meritocracy. Growing up as a Black American, I’ve never felt like intelligence, talent, or capacity is necessary for a success in America. I think that success here is based on access. We have a ton of pop stars that can’t sing but are still making money. We have a lot of truly ignorant people that are highly educated and have gone to some of the best schools. I think that capital opens a lot of doors in America. I’m not sure if capitalism and meritocracy are mutually exclusive or not, but I think they are at least incompatible.

Thank you for sharing your history and culture with me. It has inspired me to do more research and to learn more about how colorism impacts us on a global scale. I look forward to learning more from you!

Ajah Hales

World Changer. Social Thinker. Business Owner. #WEOC

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