This is a radical take that I'm sure is very unpopular among the frozen chosen. I definitely agree that forgiveness is pushed on us, and at the end of the day, it's between God and that individual.

The reconciliation part is huge too. Presbyterians seek to have racial reconciliation without having to lament, repent, or make reparation, which is inconsistent with the biblical narrative.

It's interesting to me that the racial-forgiveness-narrative only runs in one direction--I never hear white Christians preaching forgiveness for Osama bin Laden or el Chapo.

Religion has always been weaponized against BIPOC, never for our benefit. Personally, I'm in the 'forgiveness helps you let go' camp, but 'letting go' of something unhealed is just another way of saying 'ignore the problem.' Lemme get that 400 years of healing first!


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