Ajah Hales


I’m a long-term fan. Thank you for highlighting the need for white people to shoulder their own load. ‘Listen to Black people' is for your well-meaning white woman who can’t understand her own toxicity, not your racist uncle. I don’t want to talk to your racist uncle! You don’t even want to talk to your racist uncle, so why send them to me? I guess it’s probably confusing for white people to know when to speak and when to shut up and listen. A good question to ask oneself is am I speaking into a white void or am I speaking over a Black person?

White people are always in the position to speak to white silence. As a very outspoken Black woman, I don’t need white people to speak for me, (although it is nice to get an occasional break from checking someone’s privilege) I need them to speak to each other, to gather their cousins (and racist uncles), to work onthe white spaces they’re already in so the next Black person who comes into that space doesn’t have to to uncompensated labor just to co-exist. Thanks for another great read!


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