Your article was written in the comment section of my article. I didn’t misunderstand you. In fact, I think I quoted you. You said, “it’s all about colonial arrogance mixed with guilt, rather than color etc.”

I’m saying that colonial arrogance and guilt may play a part, but that your experiences as a white woman who is discriminated against by another white woman based on your ethnicity do not cancel out my experiences as a Black woman who is discriminated against based on the color of my skin. Your comment is dismissive of my experience, and I am pointing that out to you because I believe you want to do better in the future.

If I were to come in the comments section of a man’s article about testicular cancer and say, ‘women get breast cancer so I think it’s really about cancer, not the type of cancer,’ I would be out of line. You are out of line. Thanks again for reading.

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